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September 29, 2003

Wesley Clark, the Man

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As immortalized by blogger Timothy Hulsey:

A Man of Peace: Let’s make one thing real clear, I would never have voted for this war. I’ve gotten a very consistent record on this.

A Man of War: At the time, I probably would have voted for [war in Iraq], but I think that’s too simple a question.

A Man of Peace and War, but probably War: I’ve said it both ways because when you get into this, what happens is you have to put yourself in a position — on balance, I probably would have voted for it.

A Man of Peace now, and War later: That having been said, I was against the war as it emerged because there was no reason to start it when we did.

A Man of Peace after all: I never would have voted for war. What I would have voted for is leverage. Leverage for the United States to avoid a war. That’s what we needed to avoid a war . . .

A Man of Conviction: Stop. Stop. I promised I wasn’t going to take a strong position . . .

A Man What Takes His Time: It’s not like the election’s tomorrow.

Thanks for forwarding the link, Aunt Lori!


September 26, 2003

Cookie Start with M

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Anyone want a cookie?

We should start a pool on whether the bid will ultimately outweigh the shipping cost.

(This item was brought to my attention by Josh Marso. Don’t forget to read the fine print.)

Run For Your Lives

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It turns out that manifest destiny may be a concept originating in nature itself.

What will this mean to those individuals birthed between the dates of November 22 and December 21?

September 22, 2003


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The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was guarded throughout the entirety of Isabel.

Are these guards crazy? Or simply wonderful?

Our Elected Officials

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I guess I would have voted with the majority if it was a close vote. But I agree with the arguments the minority made. – Bill Clinton in 1991, discussing his opinion on the Gulf War.

Good thing he doesn’t stand on principle.

September 21, 2003

My Employer

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Chris Galvin resigned, which is surprising. Especially considering that Motorola‘s 75th Anniversary celebration starts this week.

September 20, 2003

Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey

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To my beloved friend Stephan and his beautiful bride:

As Angie said, you truly complete one another. I could not possibly imagine a couple more obviously in love.

May your transitions be smooth and your memories be gold.


September 19, 2003

Beneath the Earth

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Laura Walker (yes – that Laura Walker) has voluntarily – gone to see a vampire movie.

Even more astoundingly, she is planning to see it again. Can wars, famine and pesitlence be far behind?

Want a Driver’s License?

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Check out Jill Stewart’s column. Gray Davis just signed law AB 587, by Mark Ridley-Thomas.

A box asking your skin color will now go on voter registration forms. It’s voluntary – but expect a move next to make it required. Davis signed this creepy law Wednesday.

So where is the ACLU?

September 18, 2003

And They Mock Bush

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My vision is to make the most diverse state on earth, and we have people from every planet on the earth in this state. Gov. Gray Davis, quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 18

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