Tarry for the Nonce

May 30, 2003

Sing of Other Things

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Chris Hutchens sent me a ballad maker.


Sing of the Ring

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I thought Steve Severinghaus was joking when he told me about the newest musical to hit the London stage.

He wasn’t.

Oh, the humanity!

May 25, 2003

Shall We Sing?

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Happy Birthday to you!!
Happy Birthday to you!!
Happy Birthday, dear Bri-an!!
Happy Birthday to you!!

May 23, 2003

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

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Monkeys can’t write Shakespeare. This from Ray Reskusich’s Live Journal.

Mud Pies

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Vered Miller’s Live Journal has a Vered-esque story about a mud bath.

I adore her stories.

May 22, 2003

The Dancers Hit Each Other

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Deep Thoughts are brilliant. (Janice sent the link to me.)

Luck o’ the Irish?

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I continue to find more evidence for the stimulating effects of a tax cut.

May 20, 2003

Sunny Day

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I heard about this briefly, but Chris Hutchens sent me a link about a form of torture too horrendous to comprehend.

It’s almost as bad as Leonard Nimoy singing about Bilbo Baggins.

May 19, 2003

Oh, the Humanity!!

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Today, Gabe Sechan sent me a video. He recommends it not be viewed at work – and I must agree with him. While there is nothing inappropriate on the video, per se, its sacrilege is beyond mere human comprehension. I recommend you not view these images while an engineer is present.

Between this trauma and the pending resignation of Ari Fleischer, the world is a bleak place this morning. Just remember that there is still some good in this world worth fighting for!

May 16, 2003

The Machines Screw Up?

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The Matrix: Reloaded was a ton of fun, but has some inconsistencies

Andrew Mills pointed out to me some vehicular inconsistencies:

  • In the major car fight/chase, they started driving Chevy Impalas, but destroyed a Caprice.
  • In the same scene, the car that the agent jumped on was completely gutted – no transmission, fuel cell, exhaust system. Viewers could see it when the car flipped.
  • Ducati does not make a black 996.

    On a brighter note, Tim Stabrawa sent me an article about the realism of Matrix: Reloaded hacks.

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