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November 30, 2006

It’s . . . It’s Green

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Processed guacamole dip doesn’t necessarily contain much avacado.

Now you know.

A Feminist Laura

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I note with interest that the contraceptive debate has been placed in a glaringly misogynistic light.

On Monday, the Daily Mail reported that King’s College London scientists had developed a “revolutionary” male Pill that could be taken on an as-needed basis . . .

The male Pill would also be hormone-free and, in theory, would allow women concerned about their own Pill’s side effects to stop taking the female version.

The response has been resoundingly negative. I would rather not publish the actual text of the remarks on my blog, but suffice it to say that men are concerned that (1) the possible long-term side effects and, more tellingly, (2) that it will hamper their male sexuality.

How interesting that the male populace – while quite willing to ask their female counterparts to injest a hormone-manipulator with (1) demonstrable long-term side effects and (2) the clear-cut intent of suppressing feminine fertility – are unwilling to impose such things on themselves.

Just Adequite, Yo

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Lindsey Lohan wrote a condolence letter. It is genius.

“I am lucky enough to of been able to work with Robert Altman amongst the other greats on a film that I can genuinely say created a turning point in my career . . .

“I learned so much from Altman and he was the closest thing to my father and grandfather that I really do believe I’ve had in several years . . .

“Life comes once, doesn’t ‘keep coming back’ and we all take such advantage of what we have . . .

“Make a searching and fearless moral inventory of yourselves’ (12st book) -everytime there’s a triumph in the world a million souls hafta be trampled on.-altman Its true. But treasure each triumph as they come . . .

“Thank You, BE ADEQUITE.

I don’t know what’s more shocking: the fact that she was ignorant enough to publicize the letter without a proof-reader or the fact that the Long Island school system gave her straight A’s.

In any case, I assume the letter provided sufficient confusion in the Altman household to temporarily distract them from their grief as they attempted to decipher it. Who knows? Maybe that was the point.

November 29, 2006

A Super Way To Go

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Wearing Superman pajamas and covered with his Batman blanket, comic book illustrator Dave Cockrum died Sunday.

The 63-year-old overhauled the X-Men comic and helped popularize the relatively obscure Marvel Comics in the 1970s. He helped turn the title into a publishing sensation and major film franchise.

Drinking His Own Water

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In a U.N. effort top-billed as President Bush’s idea (in case the media responds poorly, I assume), Kim Jong Il will be forced to curb his French wine intake for a bit:

Experts said the effort _ being coordinated under the United Nations _ would be the first ever to curtail a specific category of goods not associated with military buildups or weapons designs, especially one so tailored to annoy a foreign leader . . .

The population in North Korea, one of the world’s most isolated economies, is impoverished and routinely suffers widescale food shortages. The new trade ban would forbid U.S. shipments there of Rolexes, French cognac, plasma TVs, yachts and more _ all items favored by Kim but unattainable by most of the country . . .

Responding to North Korea’s nuclear test Oct. 9, the U.N. Security Council voted to ban military supplies and weapons shipments _ sanctions already imposed by the United States. It also banned sales of luxury goods but so far has left each country to define such items. Japan included beef, caviar and fatty tuna, along with expensive cars, motorcycles, cameras and more. Many European nations are still working on their lists.

The U.S. list includes cognac, Rolex watches, cigarettes, artwork, expensive cars, Harley Davidson motorcycles, JetSkis, iPods, plasma televisions, and Segway scooters, among others.

Well, gee, I would hate to see all that merchandise gather cobwebs in shipping crates. Therefore, I offer my own house as temporary storage until Kim gets his act together. I will even beta test everything for free.

More Problems Than Solutions

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The Telegraph is quite blasé about the alternative judicial system in the U.K.

Sharia, derived from several sources including the Koran, is applied to varying degrees in predominantly Muslim countries but it has no binding status in Britain.

However, the BBC Radio 4 programme Law in Action produced evidence yesterday that it was being used by some Muslims as an alternative to English criminal law . . .

Mr [Aydarus] Yusuf told the programme he felt more bound by the traditional law of his birth than by the laws of his adopted country. “Us Somalis, wherever we are in the world, we have our own law,” he said. “It’s not sharia, it’s not religious — it’s just a cultural thing” . . .

Dr Prakash Shah, a senior lecturer in law at Queen Mary University of London, said such tribunals “could be more effective than the formal legal system” . . .

Mr [Faizul Aqtab] Siddiqi predicted that there would be a formal network of Muslim courts within a decade.

How it is possible in a single egalitarian society to have two separate rules of law? If we aren’t all judged by the same standards, how can we be bound by the same rules? And, on an individual basis, how do you know which court do you belong to? Must you officially declare which “law” you are bound by? Can you elect which court to be prosecuted in? Could I end more sentences with a preposition?

It’s just a bad, bad idea. If there is to be a separate judicial system, there should be a separate legislature. And if there is to be a separate legislature, there may as well be a separate country. At a minimum, unblur the lines. Two different courts in the same country should not have jurisdiction over the same things.

As the World Turns

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Would you get dizzy living in a spinning tower?

Time Residences, whose construction will start next June and end in the first quarter of 2009, will be “a building that moves with the power of the sun” to become “the only rotating residential structure on the planet,” they said in a statement.

Sounds intriguing, but I get motion-sick playing an FPS!

November 28, 2006

Breathing with Two Lungs

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I heard ABC news this morning explain that Pope Benedict XVI was traveling to Turkey in order to smooth things over with the Muslims.

Of course, the press got it wrong, so allow me to set the record straight. His travel intent is to effect a reconciliation with the Orthodox churches, to try and repair the schism from 1054 A.D. The schism was essentially political inasmuch as the cited doctrinal differences are so piddling as to barely exist.

This is huge moment in history. I have tremendous hope (and great optimism) that a reconciliation could occur within my very lifetime! How amazing would that be?!?

“I Didn’t Object Because I Wasn’t . . .”

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The Chicago Christkindlmarket has no room for Christ:

Officials have asked organizers of a downtown Christmas festival, the German Christkindlmarket, to reconsider using a movie studio as a sponsor because it is worried ads for its film “The Nativity Story” might offend non-Christians . . .

An executive vice president with New Line Cinema, Christina Kounelias, said the studio’s plan to spend $12,000 in Chicago was part of an advertising campaign around the country. Kounelias said that as far as she knew, the Chicago festival was the only instance where the studio was turned down.

Kounelias said she finds it hard to believe that non-Christians who attended something called Christkindlmarket would be surprised or offended by the presence of posters, brochures and other advertisements of the movie.

“One would assume that if (people) were to go to Christkindlmarket, they’d know it is about Christmas,” she said.

Apparently not in Chicago. No matter. I won’t bother to attend this year. I’ll go see the movie instead.

Still Shooting Himself in the Foot Anyway

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Charles Rangel is such an idiot that I’m amazed he managed to avoid military service.

(Hat tip to Janice Walker for the observation.)

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