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July 26, 2006

We Can Smile Again

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Father Kish noticed that Canada is able to produce one useful thing besides Lucy Maud Montgomery: teeth!

Snaggle-toothed hockey players and sugar lovers may soon rejoice as Canadian scientists said they have created the first device able to re-grow teeth and bones . . .

[Engineering Professor and Nano-Circuit Design Expert Jie] Chen helped create the tiny ultrasound machine that gently massages gums and stimulates tooth growth from the root once inserted into a person’s mouth, mounted on braces or a removable plastic crown.

I know I was devastated at the age of 16 when a dentist told me I had my very first cavity. I have still not recovered from the trauma. Perhaps now I can be restored to my formerly perfect state.


Lesions and Fibers

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Morgellons disease (?) is getting more attention:

[O]ne medical school is taking Morgellons very seriously. Most of the research on Morgellons is being done at Oklahoma State University in Tulsa. Doctors and scientists at OSU said this disease is real, and it’s frightening . . .

The CDC has formed a task force to investigate Morgellons, and they are launching a study to find out where this condition is most common and who it affects.

I watch with interest . . .

Don a Shirt

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The UK is considering a ban of topless men.

Now, I assumed that this law was – at its root – a gender equality issue. But that is not the case:

The proposal has been inspired by the least attractive side effect of the heatwave – the tendency of a number of often middle-aged men to go about in nothing more than shorts and trainers.

Proponents claim that these top-doffing males are causing the local economy to sag, because shoppers are discouraged by the “eyesore” of the untoned male form.

As pleased as I am that standards of decorum are being promoted, I would prefer they be spurred by social taboos, rather than legislative sanctions.

Perhaps the UK will next propose standards for “ugliness” and try to remove unattractive people from the streets.

I Trust It Wasn’t a RAZR

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There was a young lady who swallowed a phone.

A doctor at a Kansas City hospital’s emergency room used a tool called a “pincher” to remove the phone from Abell’s throat.

She testified yesterday that she couldn’t remember how the phone got in her throat, saying she drank too much that night.

Perhaps she mistook the phone for a drink. With cell phones getting smaller and smaller, soon we shall need childproof warnings on them!

Advance to Boardwalk

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This is almost embarrassing to admit, but when I was little, I used to play Monopoly with myself for hours. I had a very elaborate set of personal rules to emulate the randomness of the real-life decision-making process, i.e., whether or not a person would buy a property.

I learned a lot about money from Monopoly. Today’s Monopoly loners will learn even more:

Monopoly money will be phased out in a new version of the game in a bid to keep up with the times.

Instead players will use mock Visa debit cards to keep track of how much money they are winning or losing . . .

The revamped model will also include several changes, such as an increase in property prices and new fines like paying the congestion charge, to bring it upto date.

(Hat tip to Tony Meizelis.)

A Message for Troy

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Every lawyer should have a coloring book.

(Hat tip to Kevin Miller.)

The Drive-By Media

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The Zidane thing is so old that I should probably just let it die, but the video analysis was brilliant.

(Hat tip to Rushabh Doshi.)

Unsolicited Advertising

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Check out Jen Caputo’s sketch collections. I anticipate the day that she will no longer have to earn a living as a lowly software engineer.

July 25, 2006

Robots In Disguise

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Peter Cullen will be the voice of Optimus Prime.

When [producer Lorenzo] Di Bonaventura was asked what made them decide to go with Cullen as the voice, someone jokingly muttered, “Death threats,” referring to Transformers’ rabid fanbase and their demand to have the film remain true to the original animated series. The producer laughed and said, “Thatís not a bad motivator, if you think about it,”

“But no, if you really think about it, forget about how good [Cullen] is. I think a lot of people grew up with that voice as sort of the diviner of what is right and what is wrong, so itís so deeply ingrained in people, it would have been crazy not to think about [casting Cullen].”

There is always a risk when you undertake a classic, is there not? It would be so easy to get it wrong. In this case, they made a wise choice, I think.

(Hat tip to Tim Skirvin.)

July 19, 2006

A Portrait in Condescension

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Misha Voloshin has an interesting discussion about atheism.

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