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February 9, 2010

Best Superbowl Ads 2010

Filed under: Anecdotes, Humor — lmwalker @ 4:58 pm

These were my favorite Superbowl ads:
Dodge Charger: Man’s Last Stand and Audi: Green Police (because they’re funny!)
Google: Parisian Love (because it’s sweet!)

Other than that, there was really nothing remarkable, although each of these had their moments:
Budweiser: Body Bridge
Bridgestone: Future Car
Cars.com: Growing Up
Bud Light: Observatory
Bud Light: Survivor
Doritos: Dog Gets Revenge
Doritos: Play Nice
Bud Light: Two Ladies
Coke: Simpsons Moving
GoDaddy.com: Danica Patrick (the extended version at GoDaddy.com, anyway)
Coke: Sleep Walking
VW: Punching Game
Flo Tv: Spineless
HomeAway.com: Hotels
KGB: Sumo Wrestling

NFL: Lift Off was my favorite ad sponsored by the NFL:

I felt the coolest for understanding the subtleties of Flo Tv: My Generation and Vizio: Beyonce.

And, I can’t figure out why Focus on the Family is controversial. Maybe it was toned down or something.

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