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March 29, 2006

Truly a Formidible Opponent

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In Fairfield, Connecticut, there is a cat under house arrest:

Lewis, a 5-year-old, black-and-white longhaired cat, attacked at least a half-dozen people on the cul-de-sac and even took on the local Avon lady, neighbors say . . .

“I don’t feel the cat could kill anybody, but it could latch onto people’s legs and arms and bite and scratch to the point where they could be hospitalized,” said Animal Control Officer Rachel Solveira.

Solveira was so concerned about Lewis’ attacks in the neighborhood of neatly kept homes off High Street that she placed a restraining order on him. It was the first time such an action was taken against a cat in Fairfield and possibly in the state.


Can’t Have It Both Ways

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Much to the chagrin of Rep. Jim McDermott, domestic eavesdropping on your political opponents is really not permitted.

A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that Rep. Jim McDermott violated federal law by turning over an illegally taped telephone call to reporters nearly a decade ago . . .

McDermott, D-Wash., leaked to The New York Times and other news organizations a tape of a 1996 cell phone call. The call included discussion by Gingrich, R-Ga., and other House GOP leaders about a House ethics committee investigation of Gingrich.

A lawyer for McDermott had argued that his actions were allowed under the First Amendment, and said a ruling against him would have “a huge chilling effect” on reporters and newsmakers alike.

McDermott will have to pay Boehner more than $700,000.

Amusingly enough, as Best of the Web points out, the same New York Times that has launched a crusade against President Bush as a result of the terrorist surveillance program defended McDermott under the auspices that he did not personally make the tape.

All in all, the NYT should be happy that McDermott was hung out to dry. Now they can continue their rampage unabated by the stench of their own hypocrisy.

Liberals Attack Their Patriotism

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We’ve all heard, ad nauseum, how the conservatives are deriding the patriotism of the liberals. Of course, when push comes to shove, I have found not a single direct quotation of a conservative politician questioning the patriotism of a liberal. Presumably, such quotations don’t exist and this is just another one of those “say it enough times to make it true” scenarios.

But today, Best of the Web has furnished an honest-to-goodness liberal-patriotism questioning quotation:

“I think that the upshot is that patriotism is experienced by many people on the left as something of an embarrassment,” [Columbia University journalism and sociology professor Todd] Gitlin said.

Gitlin said he thinks left-leaning individuals are now rejecting patriotism because they believe it forces them to identify with a larger group of Americans with whom they disagree and contradicts the spirit of cosmopolitanism that they espouse . . .

“It’s good to hear a more radical perspective than I’m used to as a history student,” Sarah Boyette ’07 said. “Personally, I have trouble with the idea of patriotism, so this talk was very interesting.”

There it is. Plain as print. Frankly, I would not dare to say anything so blatantly offensive and condescending. I can’t think of a single liberal friend who doesn’t love this country and want the best for it. We just disagree on the manner.

March 28, 2006

The Presidency Does Not Necessitate Class

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Bill Clinton apparently considers himself a representative American and condescends to speak for the rest of us:

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton said on Tuesday that Britainís economy, environmental policy and attempts at modernization were envied in the United States, where comparable policies under President George W. Bush were lacking.

Which policies would those be, Mr. Clinton? The ones that allow lethal factory pollution or the ones that keep 17% of the population living below the poverty line? (Note: the United States is at 12%.)

He’s a peach, that one.

March 27, 2006

Categorizing Catholics

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What Kind of Catholic Are You?

I scored an 88, which makes me a traditionalist Catholic . . . still.

You wish the church would revive the time-honored customs and strong institutional discipline that prevailed before the Second Vatican Council. Your favorite hymn is probably “Immaculate Mary,” your favorite pope is Pius X, and your idea of a great Catholic movie is “The Bells of St. Mary’s.”

I suppose that’s an apt description, although I don’t really have a favorite hymn. (I like David Haas’s “You Are Mine.”) I don’t have a favorite Pope either, although I’m a big fan of St. Peter. And I think that Passion of the Christ is a great Catholic movie, as is The Quiet Man.

(Hat tip to Matt C. Abbott.)

More Gore to Ignore

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I’m not a big fan of horror movies, so I can’t wait for the trend to die.

Since last fall, seven horror movies have topped the box office . . .

“In 1990, I had to pull my hair out just to find a movie to put on the cover,” says Fangoria magazine editor Tony Timpone. “There were only three or four major horror releases a year. Now there’s three or four a month. We’re like pigs in slop.”

I don’t understand the attraction at all. The plots are simplistic, with obvious twists. The dialogue is pedestrian. The quick cuts and jump scenes sometimes make the movie unwatchable. And the audience must be careful not to get too attached to any particular character.

What’s the attraction?

Then He Applied for a Job

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a Wal-Mart?

Neither have I.

March 24, 2006

An Incongruity

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I was informed today that I am too liberal.

Will wonders never cease.

March 17, 2006

Judicial Hegemony

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Be ready for a shocker:

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia railed against the era of the “judge-moralist,” saying judges are no better qualified than “Joe Sixpack” to decide moral questions such as abortion and gay marriage . . .

The 70-year-old justice said the public, through elected Legislatures — not the courts — should decide watershed questions such as the legality of abortion . . .

He pointed to the granting of voting rights to women in 1920 through a constitutional amendment as the proper way for a democracy to fundamentally change its laws.

What? Leave the decision to the states? Let the representative republic decide? That’s just crazy talk, man!

Jeffersonians simply don’t exist in modern America. Clearly, the man is getting dotty in his old age.

Home-Grown Horror

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I certainly won’t dignify the woman enough to up her Google rating, but check out the folly of Molly Blythe:

A feminist blogger has posted explicit directions online for a surgical abortion, in reaction to the new South Dakota law all but banning the procedure . . .

In an interview, the blogger said South Dakota’s recent ban on abortion — even in cases of rape and incest — prompted her post, “For the Women of South Dakota: An Abortion Manual.” The blogger, who has no medical background, said she has been compiling instructions for several years. She observed an actual abortion, interviewed providers and read medical texts, she said.

She hopes to illustrate the horror of abortion if Roe vs. Wade is overturned. Frankly, I think her twisted little post amply illustrates the horror of abortion in general. The procedure is the same.

She posts the disclaimer that “I am posting this as information only. Whether anyone chooses to act upon this information is their own concern.” However, she also clearly states that “If you are careful and diligent, and have a good grasp of a woman’s anatomy you will not put anyone’s health or life in danger, even if you have not seen one of these procedures performed.”

Wow. She’s a fool. Even the CDC acknowledges that 300 to 800 women die per every 100,000 legally induced abortions. All this 21-year-old chica needs is for someone to use her “medical” instructions, die, and sue her and her family and her family’s families for everything they own.

She will get no sympathy from me.

(Her site is mollysavestheday(DOT)blogspot(DOT)com/2006/02/for-women-of-south-dakota-abortion.html. I’ve added a post, which she may or may not approve for publication.)

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