Tarry for the Nonce

January 30, 2003


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. . . tvoi zuby pokhozhi na schetiny borova.

Or, in layman’s terms “Dude, your teeth look like boar bristles.”


Poor Little Crustacean

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Wes Janik sent me web site representing the sick, yet fascinating nature of his mind.

I do not think I can enjoy seafood for a while.

Amour Propre

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. . . that title is for the benefit of certain unnamed individuals who disdain “people who use a long word when a short one will do.”

At the suggestion of a friend, I have recently been reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. It’s an interesting book that relies heavily on analogy and – until last night – did not discuss anything I had not previously considered.

Last night, I read the chapter on Pride. I presented some previously unpondered ideas to my eyes. Cool. I like unpondered ideas, however old the material is that they rehash.

One may find the complete text of Mere Christianity online. I doubt it will be there once the C.S. Lewis estate finds it, so enjoy.

Illini Wins!

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I have never paid much attention to the athletic exercises of my old alma mater, but last night I was convinced to join some fellow alumni in watching the IllinoisMichigan basketball game. It was a thoroughly exciting game, with Brian Cook scoring an amazing 26 points in the second half to bring the Illini back for a 67-60 finish. While most news sources will attribute the win to his prowess, we alumni know that it was actually due to our lucky charm, Lynn Schumacher. As soon as she started paying attention to the game, it began to turn in our favor. Go, Lynn!!

January 29, 2003

The Union in Some State

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Like the good little American that I am, I listened to President Bush deliver his State of the Union address last night. And while I think that interrupting a 59-minute speech 77 times for applause is a bit over the top, I thought the speech was fairly substantive.

This morning, I read the Democratic response by Gary Locke. I do not feel like exerting the effort of analyzing point by point, but I am compelled to highlight a few issues that I immediately noted:

  • What was with the repeated references to his ancestry? “…I often think about my grandfather, arriving by steamship a hundred years ago. He had no family here; he spoke no English. I can only imagine how he must have felt as he looked out at his new country.” Perhaps my bias against personalized examples in Forensics has warped me, but how is this information even remotely relevant to his counter-argument? I assume this strategy was an ineffectual attempt to establish ethos through pathos, but I found it quite lame.
  • In response to Bush’s comment that “To boost investor confidence, and to help the nearly 10 million seniors who receive dividend income, I ask you to end the unfair double taxation of dividends,” Locke stated “Under the President’s proposal to eliminate taxes on stock dividends, the top 1% that’s people who earn over $300,000 would get more tax relief than the bottom 95% of taxpayers combined.” Note that he did not dispute nor even reference the 10 million seniors who would also be assisted. I guess he figures that they won’t need the money, since he was generous enough to protect their medical rights later in the speech. Apparently, the elderly of Washington state don’t do anything besides get sick and die. Convenient. Especially with Oregon right there to euthanize them. (Ignore that last sentence. I couldn’t resist.)
  • Finally, Bush clearly proposed a “…Clear Skies legislation that mandates a 70 percent cut in air pollution from power plants over the next 15 years.” and “…research funding so that America can lead the world in developing clean, hydrogen-powered automobiles . . . to make our air significantly cleaner, and our country much less dependent on foreign sources of energy.” Nevertheless, Locke zealously argued that “…the administration is determined to roll back much of this [conservation] progress” and further suggested that “we should be committed to a national policy to reduce our dependence on oil by promoting American technology and sustainability.” Wha-a-at? Is that not what Bush just proposed?? Clearly, Locke was not listening to the same speech that I and the rest of America did, but perhaps he found his own imagination more stimulating – the substance of his speech would certainly support such a theory.

I do not intend to bash Locke unequivocally and I did appreciate his support of Bush’s foreign policy in spite of his less amenable colleagues, but the overall tenor of his speech disgusted me. In my opinion, he would have done his party far more good by proposing enhancements to the plan, rather than bashing Bush’s domestic policy with paltry, nonresponsive, milquetoast arguments.

January 28, 2003

Yo-ho! Yo-ho! A Pirate’s Life for Me!!

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The Superbowl was very cool. I was all about the Buccaneers winning, and I wasn’t disappointed. (Those last two touchdowns really rubbed salt in the wound – especially that last one!!)

The Superbowl ads, however, were lame, weren’t they? I thought the best ones were the Trident commercial, the Gatorade commercial (see Ed’s blog) and the FedEx commercial. And that’s not saying too terribly much . . .

January 27, 2003

Ask Tux

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Toly sent me the Linux Switch Ad. Is this guy sexy or what? But I can’t say I think much of his taste in women . . .

January 23, 2003

An Oddity

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It’s truly interesting that the apologia of an informed Protestant could clarify the precepts of a Roman Catholic faith. I think Someone is having a hearty laugh at my expense.

And that’s about as personal as I get on a public forum of this kind . . .

Will It Never End?

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Welcome to Chicago, where the weather is a balmy 0 degrees Fahrenheit and the windchill 20 degrees below that, where the winter advisories are in effect, where the watermains are popping like balloons, and where Laura’s car locks freeze shut!

January 22, 2003

March On!

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A decade ago – I forget which year – I participated in the annual Right-To-Life March in Washington D.C. I was surprised to discover how many students of my own age were present and the passion that they displayed for the cause. (For the record, it was also my first taste of blatant media bias – when even my teen-aged eyes were able to count significantly more than the “couple hundred” demonstrators reported by the NY Times and the Washington Post.)

Anyone who is reading this personal blog probably knows the essence of my opinion about abortion. If not, here it is: I am vehemently opposed to any and all forms of abortion, with a special dispensation when the mother’s life is in medical peril (and, even then, direct abortion should be forbidden.) Life is a unique and precious gift which no one has the right to destroy. No reason, no rationale exists that can justify such an inherently heinous action as taking of the life of an innocent.

That said, I will get off my soapbox. I only stand on it to honor today’s 30th anniversary of the Right-to-Life March in Washington D.C. On January 14th, the President signed a proclamation making January 19th, 2003 National Sanctity of Human Life day. (Yeah, George Bush!) Also of particular interest in an article by feminist Frederica Mathewes-Green.

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