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June 18, 2008

Shocking News. I Like the Republicans.

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I thought the Candidate Calculator was interesting.

Not surprisingly, I have

  • 87.72% match with Mike Huckabee
  • 81.58% match with Mitt Romney
  • 64.91% match with John McCain
  • 60.53% match with Ron Paul
  • 29.82% match with Barack Obama
  • 23.68% match with Mike Gravel
  • 21.05% match with Hillary Clinton

What a Gas!

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Watch for a bit of hanky-panky at the gas pumps.

Investigators said a gas station attendant at a Hess station located on John Young Parkway called police and said the driver of a white Ford pickup looked suspicious and lingered too long at the pump . . .

“He had an 800-gallon tank in the back of this thing and it was custom-welded,” Orange County sheriff’s Cmdr. Jeff Stonebreaker said. “There is some very unique equipment the way this thing is set up. It is obviously not for personal business use. It is set up for one use only, which is to steal fuel and redistribute it illegally.”

The man also had a key that disabled pump meters, detectives said . . .

Police said the man had such a sophisticated setup that it is doubtful he worked alone and may be part of a crime ring.

‘Tis one innovative thief. Maybe he could sell it to the police.

I See . . . Bored Educational Assistants

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A school in Canada had a family investigated for abuse on the vague “insight” of a psychic:

The mother of an autistic girl says the public school board was “completely unprofessional” to formulate a theory that her daughter was being sexually abused based on a psychic’s perception . . .

[Colleen] Leduc said they advised her that Victoria’s educational assistant (EA) had visited a psychic, who said a youngster whose name started with “V” was being sexually abused by a man between 23 and 26 years old. Leduc was also handed a list of recent behaviours exhibited by her daughter.

School principal Brian Tremain — who referred phone calls seeking comment to the board — advised Leduc that the [Children’s Aid Society] had been contacted.

Someone in Canda is very bored. But I wonder if there is any recourse for the mother. Is she able to sue the EA for the time wasted with this nonsense?

Dementia Started It. Dementia Will End It.

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The NHS may collapse:

The predicted rise in dementia over the next two decades could destroy the NHS, say top scientists in an open letter.

An ageing population means the burden of dementia on the UK will double to £35bn-a-year within 20 years.

As Best of the Web points out, that means that not even a single generation received “cradle-to-grave” care, as promised.

Ah, socialized medicine.

Transcending Identity Politics . . . to a Point

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The Obama campaign does not wish him to appear with women in hijab:

In Detroit on Monday . . . two different Obama volunteers — in separate incidents — made it clear that headscarves wouldn’t be in the picture. The volunteers gave different explanations for excluding the hijabs, one bluntly political and the other less clear . . .

The volunteer “explained to me that because of the political climate and what’s going on in the world and what’s going on with Muslim Americans, it’s not good for [Hebba Aref] to be seen on TV or associated with Obama,” said [friend Ali] Koussan, a law student at Wayne State University.

Shimaa Abdelfadeel’s story was different. She’d waited in line outside the Joe Louis Arena for three hours in the sun and was walking through the giant hall when a volunteer approached two of her non-Muslim friends, a few steps ahead of her, and asked if they’d like to sit in “special seating” behind the stage, said one friend, Brittany Marino, who, like Abdelfadeel, is a recent University of Michigan graduate who works for the university.

When they said they were with Abdelfadeel, the volunteer told them their friend would have to take off the headscarf or stay out of the special section, Marino said.

Obviously, after objections were raised, the campaign offered an apology to the two women. As Aref observed, however, I think the women are owed a personal apology from Obama.

June 16, 2008

Record Your Thoughts in Elephant Dung

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If you are environmentally minded, you may purchase poo poo paper.

I’m not kidding.

Other Than the Color . . .

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. . . I like the iPray t-shirt:

Woman’s Voting Rights Stripped

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If you are a woman who doesn’t support Barack Obama, you are not permitted to represent the Democratic Party:

The Wisconsin Democratic Party has stripped a woman of her position as delegate to the Democratic National Convention . . .

Illinois Senator Barack Obama is in line to get the party’s nomination, but Bartoshevich supports Hillary Clinton . . .

Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair Joe Wineke says, “It actually strengthened what we were doing here, I mean the thunderous vote on that from the delegation showed me that virtually everybody here has one mission, and that is to elect Barack Obama president.”

For Democrats, women have the right to choose . . . unless it’s a choice with which they happen to disagree.

(Hat tip to Best of the Web.)

June 13, 2008

James Bond, Indiana Jones and Superman!

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Goldentusk has some nifty videos.

June 10, 2008

2300 Porsche 911 Carreras

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$109,823 per delegate.

The former First Lady, an outspoken proponent of family values, might have delivered a much-needed vacation to working families: sending more than 76,000 families of four from New York to California to visit Mickey, Donald and Goofy . . .

And she could have bought 9,838 people a new hybrid Toyota Prius, or given out 70.7 million energy-efficient light bulbs . . .

And think of Clinton’s deep interest in health care: $212 million could’ve covered 705 artificial heart surgeries. Or, presuming an average price of $20, she could have bought flu vaccines for 10.6 million people – not quite universal, but a darn good start.

I can’t even imagine blowing such a sum in a year. After saving for seven years, I think I have approximately that amount in retirement income . . .

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