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October 28, 2003

Raise Your Glass

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Jack Elam died. I appreciated his view on Hollywood heavies:

. . . he complained about the modern villains that evolved in the 1970s, who had shades of psychological problems behind their bad behavior . . . “In the old days, Rory Calhoun was the hero because he was the hero and I was the heavy because I was the heavy and nobody cared what my problem was. And I didn’t either,” he added. “I robbed the bank because I wanted the money … I’ve played all kinds of weirdos but I’ve never done the quiet, sick type. I never had a problem other than the fact I was just bad.”

Huzzah for the old western! Goodbye, Jack Elam.


October 27, 2003

I Want One

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A Top Gun George W. Bush doll. Or a Donald Rumsfeld doll.

You think I’m joking?

And Speaking of the New York Times

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. . . an “oops” for them. This morning, they released an article stating that:

Some 7,000 people have registered to attend Microsoft’s professional developers conference, which begins today in Los Angeles. The turnout is a record, Microsoft says. The computer professionals will be shown glimpses of Microsoft’s next version of Windows, named Longhorn, which will be built using Web services standards. Microsoft has not said when Longhorn will be ready, but it is not expected to be shipped until late 1995 or 1996.

Presuming that Microsoft has not cornered the market on time travel, readers were left to wonder how long the NYT journalists had been living with their heads up their you-know-wheres. Fortunately, the editors caught their error after today’s Opinion Journal helpfully mocked them. As of this writing, the article reads:

. . . it is not expected to be shipped until late 2006 or 2006.

Much better.

The Peace-Lovers

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Such venom. I am glad to see our peace-loving protesters providing such intellectual and persuasive arguments as The Destruction of the U.S.A. is a Necessary Condition for Peace and Running Zionist-American Imperialist Dog: What Right Do You Have NOT to Be Afraid?

Truly inspiring, although I must admit that I don’t see the 100,000 that A.N.S.W.E.R. reports. Perhaps they were counting brain cells. (Sorry, Steve C. I couldn’t resist.)

Happy Thoughts

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A touch of good news about Middle Eastern crime statistics and economic status.

Additionally, small ex-Communist nations are stepping to the fore, displaying what mettle their hearts are made of. From what little they have, they are graciously donating food and medicine to Iraq, in lieu of the cash they lack.

Heck, even the New York Times is throwing out a bit of good news – presumably alongside an article about airborne swine.

October 23, 2003

The Passion of Christ

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I know where I will be on Ash Wednesday.

I hope that this decision is an economic coup for Newmarket Films.

I am going to be so disappointed if I don’t like this movie, but what do the lightning bolts mean?

A Woman’s Choice

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Kim Jong-il is a sick man:

Pregnant North Korean refugees repatriated after being rounded up in China have their babies forcibly aborted or killed after birth . . . principally due to concern that babies conceived outside the country might not be “ethnically pure”.

I forget: why was Clinton so anxious to be North Korea’s bosom buddy?

A Cornerstone

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HSLDA has released the results of a research study of the success of adults who were home-schooled in their tender years. (I was one of the participants in the study.)

While it came as no surprise that home-schoolers tended to be more college-bound, more religious and more civically active than their peers, I was pleasantly surprised to see that home-schoolers tend to be more supportive of the statement that “a person should be allowed to make a speech against churches and religion” (91.5% vs. 88%). Hooray for free speech!

The Washington Times even has some flattering comments:

The new study “is one of the few attempts, maybe the only attempt, to get at the question of what do home-schoolers look like after the home-schooling process,” said James Carper, professor of educational psychology at the University of South Carolina, who reviewed Mr. Ray’s findings. “On most measures, they look better than the general public.”

October 22, 2003

Those Crazy Dutch

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Do they rock your world?

October 21, 2003

A Darkened Faith

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Okay . . . so here’s a frustration of mine:

The canonical difference between the Protestant and Catholic Bibles is essentially the historical fact that the Catholic Bible is based on the Greek Septuagint (LXX) texts that the early Christians used and the leaders of the medieval Reformation decided to use the Hebrew Masoretic texts instead.

Whichever tradition one embraces (and both camps are very self-assured and opinionated,) an outstanding question remains: why do most Bible study web sites *still* completely disregard the appropriate canon when presenting the Septuagint texts? What do they hope to accomplish?

Certainly not enlightenment.

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