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August 31, 2005

Worker Harder, Not Poorer

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Flat tax rates worked in Estonia:

In 1994 Estonia introduced a flat tax rate of 26%. The flat tax is a system with only one tax rate for all personal income and corporate profits. Almost overnight this led to a phenomenal economic expansion. Contrary to the situation in a tax system with progressive rates, people were no longer punished fiscally if they worked harder . . .

Next year Estonia plans to lower its flat rate to 20%, while the Czech Republic, Poland and Iraq are also considering abolishing their progressive tax rates . . .

When Laar became Prime Minister, inflation in Estonia was over 1,000%, the economy was falling at a rate of 30%, unemployment was over 30%, 95% of the economy was state-owned and 92% of Estonian trade was dependent on Russia. Today, inflation is 2.5%, economic growth is between 6 and 7%, unemployment is low, the government budget is balanced and there is a high level of investment.

I wish there was more buzz about this sort of thing in the United States.


Feels Like a Spy Movie

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Okay, Dave Rumoro, I agree: Flashearth is cool.

It Was Clear in the 1940s

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My Aunt Lori sent me the Greatest Movie Line Ever.

This moment brought to you by The Ghost Breakers.

August 30, 2005

That’s No Moon . . .

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Tim Skirvin has completed his Lego Death Star.

I want one.

With Chunks of Fruit

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Take the quiz: “What Ice Cream Flavor Are You?”

Much Better

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Take the quiz: “Which Animal Are You?”

Could I Be More Boring?

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You are the normal friend. Awesome

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It Really Satisfies

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You are crunchy, sweet, and slick. You can be moody sometimes, but usually happy. You are also very nutty. Sillyness!

Take the quiz: “Which Candy Bar Are You?”

Shaken, Not Stirred

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Classic Martini
You are the classic martini, also known as Martinez (the very first martini made) You have art, music, and LIFE all around your mind…Classy

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With a Big Straw

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Starbucks Frappucino

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(Hat tips to Tony Meizelis and Kevin Miller.)

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