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April 20, 2007

The Holocaust Survivor

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Since I’m really busy and don’t follow the news as closely as I like to, I’m sure everyone else has already noted this story, but I was really humbled by the story of Dr. Liviu Librescu.

“I walked through the streets today with my head held high because I have such a father,” his elder son, Joe, said.

April 18, 2007

No Deities Welcome

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Not to quibble, but conservatives are unnecessarily up in arms about Howard Dean.

On March 30th, his Passover press release (no longer available on the DNC web site) stated:

On Monday night, Jews around the world will begin celebrating Passover, a week-long holiday that commemorates the Israelites’ freedom from persecution and slavery.

And on April 6th, his Easter press release stated:

Easter Sunday is a joyful celebration. The holiday represents peace, redemption and renewal, a theme which brings hope to people of all faiths.

Several commentators are blustering about Dean’s failure to mention Jesus in the second release, implying that he accorded more respect to the Jewish religious tradition than the Christian one.

From my reading of the second press release and what I can find of the first one, I disagree. I think he accorded the same level of respect to both traditions.

He simply ignored God in both.

Flip That Altar!

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How quickly can your priests do the La métamorphose d’un autel?

(Hat tip to the Tridentine Mass Champion, Tim Schwarzenberger.)

April 16, 2007

A Ridiculously Long Quiz

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Not that I am obsessive or anything, but I am apparently D.L. Hawkins

You are D.L. Hawkins. You are the father who has done things you are against to provide for your family. But now that you’re free of false accusation, you are ready to be a hero. You are already a hero to your son and others and though your destiny remains unclear, you are on the right path. You have the power to walk through solid objects and allow others to pass through you. You may have abused this once or twice but only for the right reasons. You are the determined man who seeks to protect what is his.

D.L. Hawkins
Matt Parkman
Ando Masahashi
The Haitian
Hiro Nakamura
Peter Petrelli
Isaac Mendez
Mr. Bennet
Mohinder Suresh
Nathan Petrelli
Niki Sanders
Claire Bennet

Which [NBC] Hero are You?

It’s telling that I am least like the women. It’s the story of my life.

April 15, 2007

He Killed the Firefox!

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Brian Preston sent me this incredible Animator vs. Animation 2.

May the force be with him.

You Need to Succeed

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Conan O’Brien‘s Harvard Commencement Speech . . . is . . . brilliant.

(Thank you, Ed McCulloch!)

April 9, 2007

Half a Wit, If That

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In yet another display of staggering ineptitude, Nancy Pelosi not only managed to flout federal law, but to presume herself the pacifist voice of Israeli policy:

The House speaker also said she conveyed an Israeli message to Assad that the Jewish state was ready to resume peace talks. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert quickly issued a denial, however, stating Israel’s policy toward Syria has not changed.

Not content to confine her unauthorized meddling to the international policies of our own country, she feels herself compelled to add her personal spin to the those of other countries as well.

What a inexcusably moronic, imbecilic knothead she is. It’s no wonder there has never been a viable female candidate for President, if American politics attracts such nincompoops.

If the Republicans weren’t cowering in their little hovels, they would call for an indictment. But as it stands, they will snivel and grovel and let her sashay on her way.

April 8, 2007

A Heroes Moment

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Speaking of Heroes, I am addicted to the show, slow-moving though it be. The best strategy, in my humble opinion, is to watch them in blocks.

For what it’s worth – speaking from the perspective that teeters on the brink of the 19th episode – my top three characters are:

1. Hiro Nakamura
Not only is the actor a software engineer, he’s clearly the most entertaining character on the show.

2. Matt Parkman
See the post below. He’s a good man. And that’s sexy.

3. Claire Bennet
Other than an episode or two where her insistence on finding herself was driving me up the wall, I find her story the most interesting.

But the top three powers I would like to have are:
1. Peter Petrelli‘s
2. Matt Parkman‘s
3. Claire Bennet‘s
. . . although Micah Sanders‘s power is also a temptation.

And there you have it. I know you were all waiting on the edge of your seats for this information.

My Top Three Fictional Men

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Matt Parkman
We’ll see if this one lasts. It entirely depends on his enduring nobility. So far, he’s a principled, honorable man. If his relationship with his wife continues to be faithful, etc., he will continue to be a hero.

Jim Halpert
Because he’s so incredibly endearing.

Robert Goren
Sure, he’s insane and over-the-top, but he’s brilliant.

Shockingly enough, these three characters correspond to the only three shows I really watch on a regular basis. Go figure.

I’m P0WNING Again

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