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February 14, 2009

A Raw New Deal

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Rock on, GOP Leader!

Thank you to the House (and most Senate) Republicans for displaying true fiscal conservatism – and – for all their reasoning may have been flawed – thank you to the following Democrats:

  • Bobby Bright of Alabama
  • Peter DeFazio of Oregon
  • Parker Griffith of Alabama
  • Walt Minnick of Idaho
  • Collin Peterson of Minnesota
  • Heath Shuler of North Carolina
  • Gene Taylor of Mississippi

(Do you have any idea how difficult it was to track down those names? Not a single major media outlet reported them. Why not?)

Thanks to Arlen “I-Wanna-Be-A-Democrat” Specter, Olympia “I-Wanna-Be-Loved-By-Democrats” Snowe, and Susan “I-Wanna-Be-Olympia-Snowe” Collins, the vote in the Senate was so close that they had to hold the vote open to allow the deciding vote to return from his mother’s wake.

Some of the more amusing “tax cut” provisions:

  • After all the flack Bush got for his 2008 “rebate checks,” there is a one-time $250 payout to benefit recipients. (Hmm . . . I guess the concept wasn’t as offensive to the Democrats as they previously postulated.)
  • There is a $400 credit for people earning less than $75,000. (I think this falls somewhat short of Obama’s “$250,000-or-less” promise.)
  • There is a one-year reprieve for middle-to-high income households on having to pay the AMT. (My guess is that most Average Joes don’t understand the concept of the AMT and they will nonetheless have to pay it eventually, so learn about it here.)

Some other provisions are documented by CNN and readthestimulus.org.

With the idiotic “Buy American” clause, the Democrats are making the same mistake now that Republicans made during the Hoover administration. History always repeats itself when it is disregarded.

And, of course, it is now being reported that earmarks have managed to find their way into this cobbled-together-behind-closed-doors bill, after all. You remember: the bill they (falsely) promised to publish for public scrutiny for 48 hours before the vote.

Pet provisions were coming to light that had not been included in the original bills that passed the House or Senate — or that differed markedly from earlier versions. Some appeared to brush up against claims of the bill’s supporters that no pet projects known as “earmarks” were included.

It’s the biggest scam in my lifetime. Shame on so-called “fiscal conservatives, but social liberals” who voted for Obama in this last election. If you truly consider yourself a “fiscal conservative,” you are either grotesquely ill-informed or inexcusably short-sighted.

Next time, pick up a newspaper (or a history book) before casting your vote.



  1. Shame on me, but I still think that the choice was clear in this presidential election. I wonder what the final bill would have looked like with McCain in the White House? I’m guessing not incredibly different.

    I actually think that it is good for Congress to fund, during a time of deep recession, long term capital projects like infrastructure and energy. Those will pay off in the long term and do not necessarily represent burdens on future generations.

    But, I agree that the bill could have done without the tax cuts and other short-term spending initiatives. Just spending money that we don’t have, without any reasonable hope of recouping it.

    Another big chunk of the bill was inevitable: the annual AMT “fix.” Congress should just eliminate the AMT entirely, so we don’t have to go through the charade every year of “patching” it. And, it would simplify taxes and save everyone time and money.

    Comment by Troy — February 14, 2009 @ 2:10 pm

  2. Hmm. This is a tough one. Consumers and businesses have closed their collective wallets. Does government need to step in or should they just wait it out? Does the ever-worsening economy allow us the time we need for study? It’s a very complex issue and there are no easy solutions.

    IIRC, McCain supported cutting taxes to the upper classes while fighting two wars so I’m not quite sure he’s shown better fiscal constraint.

    Sure there are lots of government programs with which I don’t agree. My dad was drafted during the Korean conflict, served for 90 days, didn’t leave the states, and now he gets free medical care from the VA! WTF?! I’m sure there are things you don’t agree with either. Perhaps it’s prescription drug coverage for the elderly. It’s an imperfect system, to be sure.

    In any case, even if this turns out to be a graven misstep, I still would have voted for Obama to free science, human rights, and education from those who would impose their religions views.

    Comment by Howard The Social Liberal — February 14, 2009 @ 9:43 pm

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