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September 19, 2008

Someone Explain This Logic

Filed under: News, Politics — lmwalker @ 6:36 am

So both Senator Clinton and Governor Palin were invited to a bipartisan U.N. event protesting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Clinton withdrew after learning that Sarah Palin was invited, opining that inviting Sarah Palin now (apparently) made the event “partisan.”

Now, the National Voice of Jewish Democrats has called for Sarah Palin to be disinvited (de-invited? uninvited?) because “Monday’s protest against Ahmadinejad is too important to be tainted by partisanship.”

Am I missing something here? How does inviting both a prominent Democrat and a prominent Republican make an event “partisan?” Did I miss something in the definition? Since the Democrat doesn’t want to come to the party, the Republican should be turned away at the door?

I am imagining that Marc R. Stanley has not thrown many successful parties with his odd parsing of a guest list. And as for Senator Clinton, she should perhaps consult a dictionary.



  1. From the online OED, which I will sorely miss having access to when I leave UIUC:

    uninvite: 1665 PEPYS Diary 26 Nov., So I made them uninvite their guests. 1873 MRS. WHITNEY Other Girls xviii, Without letting him answer, she turned..and sprang up the rugged stairway… But she had not uninvited him, after all.

    disinvite: 1580 SIDNEY Arcadia III. 329 Casting a sideward look on Zelmane, [he] made an imperious sign with a threatening allurement (a dis-inviting inviting of her) to follow. 1656 SIR J. FINETT For. Ambass. 143 (T.) I was upon his highness’s intimation sent to disinvite them. 1665 J. SERGEANT Sure-footing 27 Which would..disinvite to a pursuit.

    So both seem fairly cromulent.

    Also note the fairly common phrase, “uninvited guest”, though the part of speech is not the same.

    Comment by Steven N. Severinghaus — September 19, 2008 @ 8:24 am

  2. Perhaps it was the sheer irony of having Sarah Palin at an event protesting someone who wants to base legislation on an ancient holy book.

    Or it could be that Palin is actively running for national office and they didn’t want this to be a campaign speech.

    Comment by Howard — September 19, 2008 @ 9:08 am

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