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April 9, 2007

Half a Wit, If That

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In yet another display of staggering ineptitude, Nancy Pelosi not only managed to flout federal law, but to presume herself the pacifist voice of Israeli policy:

The House speaker also said she conveyed an Israeli message to Assad that the Jewish state was ready to resume peace talks. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert quickly issued a denial, however, stating Israel’s policy toward Syria has not changed.

Not content to confine her unauthorized meddling to the international policies of our own country, she feels herself compelled to add her personal spin to the those of other countries as well.

What a inexcusably moronic, imbecilic knothead she is. It’s no wonder there has never been a viable female candidate for President, if American politics attracts such nincompoops.

If the Republicans weren’t cowering in their little hovels, they would call for an indictment. But as it stands, they will snivel and grovel and let her sashay on her way.



  1. I didn’t know that anyone under 35 got their news POV from Worldnet.com. This just shows you how much you can learn visiting this blog on an ongoing basis.

    Comment by Howard R — April 9, 2007 @ 1:11 pm

  2. Howard’s sniffing at the source notwithstanding, the story is true. Pelosi did go well above her level of competence and try to play mediator between Israel and Syria, seriously altered the message that Israelis gave her, and forced them to publicly disavow what she said.

    With just one bumbling move, this airhead handed multiple propaganda victories to the Syrian government and Arab League, released diplomatic pressure that took months to build, embarrassed the Israeli government, damaged the credibility of American diplomacy, and drove a wedge between the U.S. and Israeli governments. I’d hate to see what she’d accomplish if she wasn’t (supposedly) pro-Israel.

    Pelosi really should stick to her strengths: preaching to her uberleft San Francisco choir and staring vacuously into space. Last I checked, no one elected her to run our foreign policy.

    Comment by Toly — April 9, 2007 @ 3:29 pm

  3. Sometimes, having a wacky, bumbling friend in common can bring two people together.

    Perhaps Syria and Israel will laugh about it over drinks.

    Comment by Howard R — April 9, 2007 @ 7:47 pm

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