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December 27, 2006

May I Have Your Daughter’s Hand?

Filed under: Science — lmwalker @ 4:23 pm

Would it be creepy to look down and see someone else’s hands at the ends of your arms? I think it would.

A woman who became the first in the world to receive a double hand transplant has left hospital . . .

Pedro Cavadas, the lead surgeon, said he was pleased with the outcome of the operation.

“She has two new hands and forearms two inches above the wrist bone.

“It will be five to six months before she has any feeling.”

He added: “She’s delighted, because after 28 years without hands. she sees herself with some perfectly beautiful ones.

Wow, medical science sure is amazing, but I certainly hope we don’t start harvesting body parts for the heck of it. Imagine that a person wakes up from a coma to find their arms and legs missing . . . hmm, I’m sensing a John Woo plot forming . . .


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