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September 26, 2006

A Contrast

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A decidedly unpresidential Bill Clinton embarrassed himself on national news.

A decidedly poised Condoleezza Rice continues to enhance my admiration of her:

  • On Iran: “There isn’t a particularly good, direct way to neutralize the Iranian threat.”
  • On Iraq: “You’re never going to have a just Sunni-Shia reconciliation if you don’t have a political system in which the interests of all can be represented – and that’s what Iraq represents.”
  • On Pakistan: “The future of Pakistan, as [President Pervez] Musharraf and his people fully understand, is to de-radicalize elements of the population.”
  • On the Middle East conflict: “It would help to have a moderate force in the Palestinian territories and to have the beginnings of rapprochement with Israel and the rest of its neighbors.”
  • On the Far East: “I would like to see an improvement in Japanese-China relations” . . .

She also said Clinton’s claims that Richard Clarke – the White House anti-terror guru hyped by Clinton as the country’s “best guy” – had been demoted by Bush were bogus.

“Richard Clarke was the counterterrorism czar when 9/11 happened. And he left when he did not become deputy director of homeland security, some several months later,” she said . . .

Rice cited the final 9/11 commission report to substantiate her claims, while Clinton relied on Clarke’s book as the basis for many of his rehashing the events leading up to the Sept. 11 attacks . . .

Transitioning to the global war on terror, an animated Rice questioned, “When are we going to stop blaming ourselves for the rise of terrorism?” . . .

In Latin America, home to outrageous Venezuelan bomb thrower Hugo Chavez, Rice said the U.S. approach is to “spend as little time possible in talking about Chavez and more time talking about our positive agenda in Latin America,” including several trade agreements.

I really admire her directness and simplicity. It’s almost . . . presidential.


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