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September 13, 2006

Just Another Aspiring Director

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Well, that LonelyGirl15 mystery lasted all of five minutes.

It turns out the people behind the wildly popular website lonelygirl15 are not studio executives, Internet moguls or, as some suspected, Satanists. Instead, they are aspiring filmmakers who met at a mutual friend’s birthday party in April . . .

The lonelygirl15 story began early this year, when Beckett hatched the idea of creating a mystery story online, one that could roll out small mock-confessional bites in real time . . .

The videos were shot on a shoestring at the bedroom of a home “in the Greater Los Angeles area,” said Goodfried. Contrary to Internet speculation that the videos were all shot at once and rolled out in drips and drabs, the team revealed that each installment was filmed only after the previous one had been posted. The intent was to allow fan response posted in the comment section of lonelygirl15’s YouTube and MySpace pages to determine the direction of each subsequent episode.

Clever that. It’s too bad they couldn’t keep it quiet a bit longer.


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