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September 5, 2006

The Captain Has Turned on the Smoking Sign

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Will the Smintair business model really work?

[Alexander] Schoppmann, a German entrepreneur, is hoping to turn smokers’ umbrage at ever-expanding efforts to stub out their habit into a highflying business proposal: Smoker’s International Airways . . .

On-board smoking has been prohibited on most major airlines for years: Since 2000, all of the world’s busiest international routes have been essentially smoke-free. Within the United States, the government has banned in-flight smoking for almost two decades. Most European carriers are not required by law to ban smoking but have voluntarily introduced no-smoking policies. In Japan, carriers stopped allowing smoking on most flights in the late 1990s . . .

By starting with service between Germany and Japan, two of the world’s most smoker-filled countries, Schoppmann said he expected Smintair to profit from the steady flow of business travel between the two.

A lot of Germans and Japanese smoke, I suppose, but will corporate Europe support it? Will they allow their employees to choose this airline over another (potentially cheaper) one?

It sounds like a risky venture to me.


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