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August 29, 2006

A Dozen Pots in the Kitchen

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The Duluth police are looking for someone with a twisted sense of humor:

During law enforcement’s briefing on how they were going to conduct the ATV sting Saturday, [News Tribune’s Janna] Goerdt heard two members of a rival news team talking about “something interesting” in front of the police station at 5315 Grand Ave . . .

When that assignment was over, Goerdt returned to the police station and took a walk around the building. She found the marijuana plants . . .

The gardener dug out the 12 marijuana plants by their roots and presented them to Beyer. They were 4 to 6 inches high and [Duluth City Gardner Tom] Kasper estimated they had been growing about three weeks.

I dunno. Isn’t it possible for marijuana plants to grow in the wild? They had to originate somewhere.


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