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August 7, 2006

A Dedicated Duo

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If one is to be passionate about something, it might as well be reading.

Schackne and Molina camped out in front of the library the night before its opening so they could be the first ones inside the next day.

Under a self-assembled gazebo, they sat on two foldout chairs with three gallons of Crystal Light Peach Tea and a bag containing Kix cereal, two bananas and Skippy peanut butter . . .

At 1 p.m., positioned in front of the silver revolving doors, Schackne and Molina roared with excitement as they entered Library West side by side.

Cameras flashed simultaneously as library staff members and reporters took pictures of the duet’s victory hug and dramatic collapse to the floor.

They had made it. They were first.

“It’s all I imagined it to be and a little bit more,” Molina said as he looked around.

Wow. I’m inspired. I wonder if there are any libraries around here that are opening soon.

(Hat tip to Charles Bohall.)


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