Tarry for the Nonce

June 27, 2006


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Father Kish sent me an article about Opus Dei which placed it in one of the more interesting lights I’ve seen. It was written by an English professor at the University of Houston.

I knew early on that I wanted to pursue a deep communion with God, since that’s what allows me to be truly happy. And I wanted to enjoy all the richness of the secular world . . . Can one be totally focused on God, praying meditatively for hours a day, and also be totally focused on the world – making money, competing or collaborating with colleagues, going out with drinking buddies? . . .

Our ideal is the life Christ lived before his public life, his life of ordinary work in an ordinary family. God became a man and made human realities divine.

For some reason, this concept really jives with me. I love the Church more than anything else in the world, but I have extreme difficulty with leaving the world behind. I think on some level this is a weakness or a dependency which it would do me well to eradicate, but I really do enjoy my family, my friends, and – above all – the independence to come and go as I please, to see different places and to try different things. (Even as I type that, it seems very self-indulgent to me, which is concerning.) Maybe the attitudes are not quite as disparate as they seem to me, but it’s frustrating to seek a balance between enjoying all the beauty and goodness of creation and recognizing the parts of the world I should be giving up for the greater good.

In any case, the priest who hears Confessions on Saturday – whose name I can’t remember to save my life – tells me I should try to “keep it simple.” And from what little I know of Opus Dei philosophy, figuring out how to turn daily work into prayer is about as simple as one can get.


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