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April 4, 2006

Cynthia McKinney, Self-Proclaimed Celebrity

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The whole Cynthia McKinney case is just . . . silly in the extreme.

McKinney, 51, scuffled with a police officer on March 29 when she entered a House office building without her identifying lapel pin and did not stop when asked. Several police sources said the officer, who was not identified, asked her three times to stop. When she kept going, he placed a hand somewhere on her and she hit him, according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

McKinney issued a statement of regret for the incident, but no apology. At a press conference Friday, she and her lawyers declared that she was a victim of inappropriate touching and racism and said they were considering pursuing civil action against the officer.

The substance of her “statement of regret” abounds with absurdity. She is of the opinion that because she is one of fourteen black women in Congress, she should be instantly recognized by all and sundry, whether or not she is wearing identification and whether or not she alters her personal appearance. How arrogant and short-sighted of her!

Of course, the leaders that suckle the milk of racial discord are screeching “racial profiling” from the rooftops, but my thought is: why would Ms. McKinney not be pleased that these Capitol Police are keeping her work environment secure? What sort of ego presumes itself instantly recognizable to all around it?

Really, her conduct is beyond the pale. I hope the rest of the Democrats hang her out to dry.


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