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February 21, 2006

Doctor, Nothing Will Stop It!

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A blob is eating downtown L.A.:

“We were called . . . because there was a gooey substance, a tarry-type substance, coming out the underground electrical vaults, out of manhole covers in the street, through the sidewalks and possibly in one older apartment building,” [Fire Department spokesman Ron] Myers said.

A 120-foot stretch of Olive buckled 1 1/2 feet, he said. The pre-1933 unreinforced masonry apartment building shifted one foot from its foundation. Sidewalks were as hot as Jacuzzis.

And a pressurized liquid shot from every street orifice located above what used to be a historic oil field downtown.

No one was injured in what amounted to a black lagoon.

If only Steve McQueen had been on hand to save the day.


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  1. Didn’t see anything about it on the news, but yes, I love my city.

    Turns out that a few blocks away (there was another story about this on Drudge that you didn’t link to) there was an old oil well that a company was shooting hot water into in order to flush out the last remaining bits of oil.


    Not quite on the scale of the Chicago flood, but still kind of funny, odd, and oh so L.A.

    Comment by Matt — February 22, 2006 @ 12:18 pm

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