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January 25, 2006

Cuisine Traditionnelle

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French soup kitchens are being forced to close their doors:

Charity groups with far-right links serving pork soup to homeless people face a crackdown by French officials.

Protesters have accused the groups of deliberate discrimination against Jews and Muslims, who do not eat the meat.

Strasbourg officials have banned the hand-outs and police in Paris have closed soup kitchens in an effort to avert racial tension . . .

A leading French anti-racism movement has urged Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy to ban pork soup give-aways throughout the country . . .

National Front spokesman Bruno Gollinisch said that people had the right to be charitable to whomever they want.

France never ceases to amaze me. The French authorities should be the least surprised that they have some charitable churls in their midst who lack the full spirit of largess. But why oh why would they voluntarily restrict activities that alleviate the public burden? Who cares if some snotty French charities won’t help everyone. Let them help whom they will and damage their own public image in the process. And then direct the pork-spurning populace to frequent charities that respect their abstention.



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