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January 15, 2006

A Inspired Thought

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Have you seen the Million Dollar Homepage? The concept is explained on the associated blog or, if you prefer, by the BBC:

Last August, as a three-year degree loomed, Alex Tew lay on his bed in his family home in Cricklade, Wiltshire . . .

This time, the problem was his finances. He already had an overdraft, which was sure to multiply at university, and he felt his poverty was reflected by his lack of decent, or matching, socks.

The first thing he wrote in his pad was “How can I become a millionaire?” Twenty minutes later, the Million Dollar Homepage idea was born.

It was selling pixels, the dots which make up a computer screen, as advertising space, costing a dollar per dot. The minimum purchase was $100 for a 10×10 pixel square to hold the buyer’s logo or design. Clicking on that space takes readers to the buyer’s website.

The last 1000 pixels were sold in an eBay auction for $38,100.00!!

I wish I had thought of it.


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  1. Did you hear what happened? Hackers attacked the page, demanding $50,000 ransom or they would attack the guy’s page. He refused to pay up and they sent a virus that infiltrated other computers having them all try to contact his webpage at the same time, overloading it. Since the site is housed in the U.S., the Feds are now involved.

    It is amazing that such knuckle-headed ideas can actually raise millions of dollars. Back in the mid-90’s, a few young jokers registered thousands of domain-names, usually after celebrities and major businesses. What they got for free or pennies they then sold to others for millions of dollars! One of the guys dropped out of high school and retired with a fortune at age 17.

    Sometimes you just hate yourself for being slow to act about such things, but it seems too easy. Alas, if I only had a TIME MACHINE I would go back to the 1970’s and by that junk stock that was offered me, and rejected. It was some pathetic company called MICROSOFT!


    Comment by frjoe — January 19, 2006 @ 9:01 pm

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