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January 4, 2006

Retire to the Country

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Mental health is better in the country:

Some theories have suggested that the isolation of rural living, the lack of social networks and difficulties accessing amenities have a negative impact on country-dwellers’ mental health.

But other studies have shown higher rates of common mental disorders such as depression and anxiety in urban areas, and also higher rates of suicides . . .

“The effects of geographical location on the mental health of participants were neither significantly confounded nor modified by socio-economic status, employment status or household income.”

Maybe it’s just the fresh air and sunshine.



  1. I would think the bumpkins would be less likely to have something diagnosed. Lumbago aside, ‘natch.

    Comment by Howard R — January 4, 2006 @ 1:02 pm

  2. I must say that the writer of this article is particularly perspicacious!

    And, yes, Laura, it is probably the fresh air & sunshine!

    now to find out what movie star I am and who my perfect movie star mate is……..

    Comment by auntlori — January 4, 2006 @ 4:21 pm

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