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December 16, 2005

A Frustrating Lack of News

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None of the news articles about the fabricated stem cell research discuss the implications:

The daily newspaper Hankyoreh and three South Korean television networks quoted Roh Sung-il as saying that he, stem cell scientist Hwang Woo-suk and another co-author of the landmark 2005 Science paper on tailor-made stem cells had notified the journal that they were withdrawing the paper . . .

Roh told South Korean media that nine of the 11 stem cell lines that were part of the tailored stem study paper were fabricated and the authenticity of the other two lines was questionable . . .

Hwang is best known in scientific circles for cloning the first human embryos for research and the landmark study published earlier this year about developing tailored stem cells that could lead one day to cures for ailments such as severe spinal cord injuries. Hwang’s team also created the world’s first cloned dog.

So what does this mean? Were the clones not “real” clones? Or is the impact limited to an unrelated study? Does anyone have better information?


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