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December 7, 2005

Yes, Virginia, There *Are* Bad Guys

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If you blink, you might miss it, but some people (presumably) unhappy with the Saddam trial are kidnapping little boys:

The 8-year-old boy, Karim Salam, was grabbed Tuesday as he played in front of his parents’ house in the eastern Baghdad neighborhood of Kamsarah, according to his father, Salam Hirmiz Gorgis.

“At about 5:30 p.m. a car came here,” Gorgis told AP Television News. “They took my son, put him in the car and left,”

Gorgis works for one of the trial’s five judges. The judge’s identity cannot be revealed because of special security measures. Two attorneys representing co-defendants have been assassinated since the trial began Oct. 19.

I don’t suppose Iraq has an Amber Alert system, and even if they did, I don’t suppose the kid has much of a chance anyway.


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