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December 7, 2005

Not a Ring But a Woman

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One would think it’s not a big leap from portraying Gollum to portraying King Kong, but Andy Serkis corrects that impression:

[Kong was] immensely more difficult because so much of Gollum was his voice and the way he spoke. The character emanated from his — he’s called Gollum because of the way he sounds . . . And that was one of the biggest challenges, how we were going to convey that range of emotion with a so-called mute character like Kong.

Of course once I started researching gorillas I found out that they used a lexicon of vocalizations. That was a big key into it. You found out that they sing, they chuckle, they have very specific ways of communicating within a group. And just the breath, actually . . .

He’s an old — someone described him and I think it’s a quite cool way of looking at him — he’s an old, psychotic hobo. He really is. He’s not used to — although it’s in gorillas’ innate desire to connect with other beings — he’s just not used to it.

Early box office estimates predict that King Kong will drown Titanic. We can only hope.


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