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November 25, 2005

Family Ties

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I enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner last night with 23 of my nearest and dearest, representing approximately half of the family. I also discovered yesterday that for the first time in my life, I can’t remember all my cousins’ names! (Fortunately, it only included cousins that were not present.)

So, as long as I record them in this forum, I am sure to remember:

Grandparents: Steve and Mary Anne White
(Aunt) Valerie White
(Dad) John and (Mom) Denise Walker: Laura, Janice, Anne, Steven, Barbara, Patrick
(Uncle) Casey and (Aunt) Lori Donlon: Brian, Kevin, Eleanor, Michael, Jeffrey, John Paul
(Uncle) Steve and (Aunt) Catherine White: Bridget, Madeleine, Lucy, Francis, Claire
(Uncle) Ken and (Aunt) Karen White: Genevieve, Kenny, Celeste, Elizabeth
(Uncle) Brice and (Aunt) Dawn White: Sarah Grace, Rachel, Nathanael, Josiah, Rebekah, Mary, Gabriel, Anna
(Uncle) Bill and (Aunt) Beth Elliott: William, Jessica, Steven, David, Sean

Only the grandparents, Walkers, Donlons and K. Whites were present at the banquet, sans the cousin who is serving in Iraq.

Good times were had by all!


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