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November 22, 2005

Vroom Vroom

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For those into Aston Martins chassis number DB5/2008/R or James Bond:

The 1964 Aston Martin DB5 driven by the character James Bond in the movies Goldfinger and Thunderball will be sold to the highest biddder at RM Auctions’ Vintage Motor Cars in Arizona to be held in Phoenix, Ariz., on Jan. 20, 2006 . . .

The car has a variety of optional equipment for both offensive and defensive purposes. This includes a pair of .30 caliber Browning machine guns that deploy from behind the headights (these are non-firing props), and a wheel-mounted tire slasher. An oil-slick ejector squirts out from the left-rear light cluster and a smoke-screen system is located next to the car’s exhaust.

The license plate revolves to display any of three different plates and the car still has its hydraulic ramming bumpers. In the interest of safety, the ejector seat has been replaced with a standard, non-ejecting passenger seat.

Sounds impractical to me.



  1. Awesome. Now if they could find a way to re-replace the ejector seats, I’d bid on it! That things probably gonna go for quite a lot.

    Comment by Andrew P. — November 22, 2005 @ 4:44 pm

  2. I would totally replace the machine gun props with actual machine guns. It’s past time we started weeding out annoying people who drive below the speed limit in the left lane.

    Comment by Toly — November 23, 2005 @ 8:09 am

  3. I agree Toly, let’s raise some money to clean up Chicagoland’s tollways!

    Comment by Andrew P. — November 23, 2005 @ 8:14 am

  4. Of course, that ejector seat would really come in handy, especially on dates that just aren’t working out. It would definitely send the don’t call me message.

    Comment by Andrew P. — November 23, 2005 @ 8:16 am

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