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November 22, 2005

Chris Tucker, Master Negotiator

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While I adore Jackie Chan, I rarely rush to the theaters to see his movies. If I miss them in the second-run theaters, they are best served with rubbery pizza and buffalo wings after a late-night LAN party. But no matter. Even the most cookie-cutter of his movies will make a mint on his charm and physical prowess alone.

So I must admit that Chris Tucker’s reluctance to sign on to Rush Hour 3 baffles me. Tucker wanted “script approval.” Frankly, I wasn’t aware that Rush Hours 1&2 had scripts that had undergone any manner of an approval process.

But my major source of astonishment was this:

But now, after being offered $20 million against 20% of gross, Chris Tucker has finally told New Line that he wants Rush Hour 3 to go ahead. In addition to Tucker’s millions, Jackie Chan will get $15 million against 15% of gross plus distribution rights in China and Hong Kong.

How on earth did Tucker swing a deal where he is being paid more than Chan?


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