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October 20, 2005

It’s Good for the Rich to Get Richer

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Russia is establishing a millionaires’ town:

The $3bn (1.7bn) town of Rublyovo-Arkhangelskoye will house some 30,000 residents and is expected to be almost twice the size of Monaco.

It will be completely self-sufficient, boasting luxurious villas, a clinic, bars, sports facilities, a school and a marina on the Moscow River . . .

It is estimated that Moscow alone has more than 30 dollar billionaires, vying for the top spot with London and New York.

Y’know what? I couldn’t be happier to see this level of affluence in a depressed area of the world. A bastion of wealth can’t help but overflow into the other (poorer) sections of Moscow, as more and more people are employed to keep the beautiful people happy.

I saw the same basic setup for the kibbutzim in Israel. One actually supported itself by operating a resort for the more successful capitalists. Ironic, don’t you think?


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  1. …estimated that Moscow alone has more than 30 dollar billionaires

    What does this have to do with a millionaire’s town?! Why would a billionaire want to live among the poor?! I wonder what the ghetto will look like in such a town…and does it have a wall to keep out the really poor people who don’t have a net worth?!

    If I’m ever homeless, I’m moving to this town.

    Comment by Andrew P. — October 25, 2005 @ 9:47 am

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