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October 19, 2005

Doing Their Job

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A Spanish judge has decided he can make a difference:

A judge has issued an international arrest warrant for three U.S. soldiers whose tank fired on a Baghdad hotel during the Iraq war, killing a Spanish journalist and a Ukrainian cameraman, a court official said Wednesday . . .

The warrant “is the only effective measure to ensure the presence of the suspects in the case being handled by Spanish justice, given the lack of judicial cooperation by U.S. authorities,” the judge said in the warrant . . .

U.S. officials have insisted that the soldiers believed they were being shot at when they opened fire.

The lack of judicial cooperation by U.S. authorities? Considering that the Spanish courts are suggesting that the three soldiers will each face a sentence of up to 35 years . . . have I mentioned how glad I am that we aren’t members of an international court?

At least we can be fairly certain the soldiers are safe for a while. We know how well Spain fared with that Pinochet extradition.


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