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October 12, 2005

Words Can’t Describe

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I don’t share Pat Robertson’s conviction that the world is about to end, but the Pakistan earthquake is horrible to fathom, with parents scraping and clawing through the mud to recover the bodies of their children.

A few bright spots remain, however:

Four days after Zarabe Shah’s home crumbled on her, rescuers pulled the dust-covered 5-year-old out of the rubble Wednesday, a shot of good news as hopes faded of finding other earthquake survivors. “I want to drink,” the girl whispered.

The day before, Zarabe’s neighbors recovered the bodies of her father and two sisters. Her mother and another two sisters survived Saturday’s quake.

Helicopters flying in clear skies delivered aid to victims Wednesday, a day after rain and hail grounded efforts. Relief supplies poured into Pakistan from about 30 countries, including longtime rival India.

Huzzah to longtime rivals who can put their differences aside for the sake of the people.


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