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September 14, 2005

I’ve Known You All My Lives

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Would you fall for a pickup line like this?

A Manhattan fertility specialist has been sued by two women who say he broke their hearts after meeting them through an online dating site on which he pretended to be single . . .

According to court papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court and made public this week, Zeitoun is married with three children. [Tiffany] Wang said she met him in March 2001 through a Web site on which he said he was single and had never married.

“Zeitoun claimed he and Wang had been married to each other in previous lives,” Wang’s lawsuit said, adding that the doctor told her he had mistreated her in that life and “searched for her in this lifetime to correct his past mistakes.”

Wang says that in May 2002, he asked her to marry him but only proposed “to see the look of joy on her face.”

In a separate suit filed earlier this year, [Jing] Huang said she met the reproductive endocrinologist in October 2003 through an online dating service. He fed her a similar line about being single and having been married to her in a previous life.

On a slightly tangential note, will it now become permissible to sue people for relationship breakups?



  1. …will it now become permissible to sue people for relationship breakups?

    Don’t they already have a term for this? Isn’t it suing for breach of promise or something similar?

    …in fact, a well-developed body of premarital law that regulates what happens when a promised marriage fails to occur. Its scope used to be quite broad indeed–allowing recovery for all manner of consequences from a failure to marry–but has in recent decades become sharply limited. Now, it mainly requires the return of tangible property transferred from one prospective spouse to the other. In practice, this means the return of engagement rings to their male donors.


    Comment by Andrew P. — September 14, 2005 @ 4:37 pm

  2. Opps…here’s what I meant…

    a Palimony lawsuit…

    Palimony is the term that is used to describe the support that an unmarried person may request from his or her partner when the relationship between them comes to an end.

    Comment by Andrew P. — September 14, 2005 @ 4:41 pm

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