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September 1, 2005

Not Meant to Insult

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The wording is offensive, but the test is pretty fun.

The Stupid Quiz said I am "Totally Smart!" How stupid are you? Click here to find out!

(Hat tip to Tony Meizelis.)



  1. Darn, missed one…hyuck! (testing out my Laura-approved vernacular cleanliness…)

    Comment by Andrew P. — September 1, 2005 @ 12:22 pm

  2. I wasn’t going to post this, but I can’t help from showing everyone my superior intelligence as demonstrated by this clearly accurate test.

    You are 1% stupid. This means…

    You are our next Einstein. Wow! Keep up the great thinking.

    Comment by Gabe Klyber — September 2, 2005 @ 8:42 am

  3. Wonder if you can get 0% stupid….

    Comment by Andrew P. — September 2, 2005 @ 3:23 pm

  4. um…oops. well, that should tell you something about my score. which I shall not be sharing with any of you.

    Comment by Alistair A. — September 3, 2005 @ 12:39 pm

  5. Come on Alistair, don’t be ashamed that you got 0% stupid! Afterall, we knew you were a genius!

    Besides, this quiz had far too many questionable questions to be considered anywhere close to legitimate.

    Comment by Andrew P. — September 3, 2005 @ 3:44 pm

  6. It was a little higher than 0%

    Comment by Alistair A. — September 3, 2005 @ 5:48 pm

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