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August 10, 2005

You Wan’ a Piece o’ Me, Boy?

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Indisputable proof that Starcraft can be dangerous to your health!

A South Korean man died of exhaustion in an internet caf after playing computer games non-stop for 49 hours, police said today.

Lee, 28, who lived in the southern city of Taegu, who was identified only by his last name, collapsed on Friday after having eaten minimally and not sleeping.

He refused to leave his keyboard while he played the battle simulation game Starcraft.

(Hat tip to Rushabh Doshi.)

Good thing my addiction is Age of Empires. . . and soon to be Age of Empires III. (Note: not a Firefox-friendly Age of Empires III site.)



  1. Ooh, Age of Empires? Well, I’m not that good, but I played AoEII & AoEII: Conquerors last year with my roommates. It wastes a lot of time, but is rather enjoyable. We should setup some games… I actually prefer the Star Wars version, because it adds more dimensions to the gameplay. I just ordered Settlers of Catan, if you like strategy board games that don’t involve violence…its a lot of fun. Once I get it, I’m gonna bug you to play that…

    I think the longest video game I’ve ever played was probably Half-Life/Team Fortress/CounterStrike back in the day… I would bet I played for 20 hours a day or so when I could. I solved HL2 way too quickly (on hard of course), so I was quite disappointed that it wasn’t more challenging, like the first one.

    I liked HL because those headcrab things literally made my hair stand up (the only other game that was remotely like this was Doom III, but it got old after a while).

    Comment by Andrew P. — August 10, 2005 @ 10:34 am

  2. of course my mom points this out to me like I play video games that much, that dead dude was just a freak, I mean, he QUIT HIS JOB to play video games?

    Comment by Michael — August 11, 2005 @ 6:46 am

  3. Andrew P.: I’ve heard good things about Settlers of Catan. Is it a game that Average Joe (for example, non-board-game-playing parents-in-law) might enjoy playing, or is the learning curve too shallow (with the x-axis representing time and the y-axis representing understanding)?

    Comment by Troy — August 11, 2005 @ 9:40 am

  4. sweet! I have all the AoE games. when does it come out? I didn’t know they had made another! sweet, sweet, sweet!

    Comment by Alistair A. — August 11, 2005 @ 11:25 am

  5. ARGH!!! I had this all written up and it was so refined…then I accidentally closed the dam window. ARGH!!!

    And why o why did you start stripping html tags from comment posts Laura?! Specifically font and target=”_blank”, as this comment window is far too small, and is not resizeable, which makes it merely an annoyance to open links in. I was just trying to provide a public service. Don’t let the blog power go to your head. Give us freedom of expression, you totalitarian control freak!
    Settlers of Catan is alot of fun. There’s a java version online, in case you want to try it out first. I would say after 5 games or so you’ll understand the concepts and will be able to play decently. Its not as easy to learn as Apples to Apples, but its well worth the $24.

    If there was a graph, the more times you play, the better you’ll get. Just watch out, its addictive and a total blast.

    On a side note, from 1999 – 2001 I think I played Half-Life/Counter-Strike/Team Fortress/Jedi Knight from Friday after I got off of work through Sunday online w/ my roommate. I think I was addicted. I think the longest we ever played anything (when throwing a LAN party) was about 36 hours (different games, of course). I was kind of an idiot for wasting all that time playing video games, but I’m very good w/ a blaster now. There was an occassional ‘let’s go clubbing’ break here and there, and I did date a girl for 3 weeks, so that turned my attention elsewhere, but all-in-all, I have logged alot of video game hours. Of course, if we throw in Pong, Atari, Genesis, SNES, Gamegear, XboX, PS1/2, Commodore 64, and Arcade games, the numbers become mind boggling.

    I was really happy to see that they re-released Sid Meier’s Pirates for Windows XP earlier in the yar, and that there was a M.U.L.E. clone created for Windows called Space H.O.R.S.E. These two games are highly recommended, as they are classics (and are way up there in the top games of all time). They are as much fun to play now as they were then. Of course, if you owned a C64, chances are you had both of these games.

    Oh, and, in case you were wondering, M.U.L.E. is still the most pirated game of all time.

    Comment by Andrew P. — August 11, 2005 @ 11:58 am

  6. And why o why did you start stripping html tags from comment posts Laura?! Specifically font and target=”_blank”, as this comment window is far too small, and is not resizeable, which makes it merely an annoyance to open links in. I was just trying to provide a public service.

    Whoa! Steady there, lad! I upgraded my blogging software a couple days ago in an effort to stem the tide of spam comments and – in the process – added a “sanitize spec” without realizing it.

    The only way I can figure out to permit “font” and “_blank” tags is to add explicit permissions for them, which I believe I have done, so let me know if you are still having a problem.

    As for the resizing bit, why don’t you right click on the comment and “Open in a New Window?” Voila! Resizable comment windows!

    Sheesh. And you call yourself a C.S. guy . . . 😛

    Comment by laura — August 11, 2005 @ 2:50 pm

  7. Laura: It also apparently strips the italics tag, which I am very fond of personally.

    Comment by Troy — August 11, 2005 @ 2:57 pm

  8. Yes and since this should be in italics, me thinks there’s still a problem afoot. I just assumed you were trying to take control of your blog, what with my wanton use of javascript, italics, multiple fonts, and the _blank tag. (or you were challenging me to find a spiffy new way to open links in new windows). …. of course, I only briefly thought of hacking into your server, but then I figured you might get miffed at me, so I only went as far as gleaming the IP from nslookup, which turns out is I didn’t know your email still worked from UofI…wow… mine died many moons ago 😦 hmm, speaking of which, you might want to update your domain admin/tech/registrant contact info since your move 😉

    I figured it was probably a new version of your software. Sorry to take it out in the video game post, but I figured I’d have to say something, it was driving me nutz.

    Here’s an old link for your perusal.

    Besides, I never said I was a CS guy…I’m more of a hacker…I know a little about everything. That’s my game. I’m not up to snuff on your crazy blog world.

    I plead the fifth. I studied architecture in school. No CS in my background, had to teach myself everything I know (thanks to all you anonymous people I annoyed with questions for years).

    And since you fixed the _blank issue, please accept my sincerest apologies for calling you a totalitarian control freak. You’re really more of a sweetheart, than anything else, who could never be controlling … 🙂

    Oh, but italics and font still don’t work… I swear, that’s the most I want to use.

    The javascript was mainly to annoy everyone in previous posts….actually, just to see if it worked, then to see if I could elicit some laughs from the other readers out there… 🙂

    Comment by Andrew P. — August 11, 2005 @ 3:43 pm

  9. It also apparently strips the italics tag

    The italics tag should be back.

    Comment by laura — August 11, 2005 @ 6:36 pm

  10. Ah, but now the font tag still doesn’t work.

    Case in point:

    This should be arial, +1 size

    And tables are kind of messed up too…. *frown* me thinks you might need a better tool. You want me to code you something customized for your blog?

    Just send me an email with whatever it is you applied, and I’ll find a way to fix it to your liking, Ms. Walker.

    Comment by Andrew P. — August 12, 2005 @ 1:28 am

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