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July 12, 2005

Don’t Ring and Drive

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Apparently, it doesn’t matter whether your cell phone is hands-free or not:

. . . hands-free devices are no safer as they can still distract the motorist and raise the risk of an accident . . .

The gender of the drivers, the age and model of the vehicles and the type of phones they used did not affect the results.

Of course, the bent of the article is to dissuade drivers from talking on the phone, but I prefer to frame it thusly.



  1. Personally, I think that, instead of taking away ‘their’ cell phones, we should take away ‘their’ cars [of course, I would be exempt, being one of the regulators not one of the regulatees].

    If ‘they’ have no cars to drive, ‘they’ can talk on ‘their’ cell phones all ‘they’ want and it won’t harm anyone.

    Comment by auntlori — July 12, 2005 @ 3:06 pm

  2. Talking on the phone? Didn’t we have this discussion already…. deja vu….

    I prefer typing while driving myself. I look at it as a game 🙂 The goal is to successfully enter information into Laura’s blog while avoiding an accident.

    Each sentence typed while driving (not stopped) is worth 1 point. Each full paragraph is worth 10 points, and entire blog posts are worth 50 points.

    If you are involved in an accident, each pedestrian is worth -10 points, kids are worth -5 points (harder to hit, since they’re smaller), peds on bikes & rollerbladers are worth -50 points, motorcycles are worth -200 points, small cars are worth -250 points, sedans/wagons are worth -300, trucks are worth -400, SUVs are worth -500, semis are worth -1000. And, finally, there’s the Hummer bonus, worth -2000 points because they just smack of lawsuit.

    Of course, I don’t do it very often (not every time I drive), but hey… everyone’s gotta have a hobby. Does anyone know if the new Chicago enforcement includes typing? Hmm…. What if I’m at a light?

    So this post, theoretically [had I been driving], would be worth 93 – 123 points (depending on how one defines a paragraph).

    Comment by Andrew P. — July 12, 2005 @ 3:47 pm

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