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July 11, 2005

Eastward Ho!

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Have you heard about the fat man walking?

Apparently, he is currently in Arizona, a far cry from his estimated location of Missouri:

This week, his 13th on the road, has been the hardest thus far for Steve Vaught, a 400-pound man trying to walk across America . . .

This spring, as he neared his 40th birthday, Vaught had an epiphany: If he didn’t lose the weight, he would die before 50. But dieting would not work, he decided, and neither would normal exercise. He knew he was the kind of guy who could rationalize his way out of one three-mile walk after another. “My weakness,” he said, “is the easy way out.”

So Vaught made it hard. On April 10, he left his home in San Diego — and his wife and two children — and started walking, alone, to New York.

Do you think he will make it? I hope so.

(Hat tip to Mike Magin.)


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  1. He is 394 miles in. Great start, and he seems like he’ll keep on marching.

    Comment by JazerNorth — July 13, 2005 @ 12:56 pm

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