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July 8, 2005

If Everyone Did It, Would You Do It Too?

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In a resounding statement about the negative effects of peer pressure, the “bah-bah-bunch-o-sheep” flock has spoken:

First one sheep jumped to its death. Then stunned Turkish shepherds, who had left the herd to graze while they had breakfast, watched as nearly 1,500 others followed, each leaping off the same cliff, Turkish media reported.

In the end, 450 dead animals lay on top of one another in a billowy white pile, the Aksam newspaper said. Those who jumped later were saved as the pile got higher and the fall more cushioned, Aksam reported.

I’m groping for appropriate allegories. (I can feel them swirling about in my head, but I can grab nary a one.) Anyone care to weigh in?


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  1. HAHAHA!! Wish I could of been there! Probably would’ve laughed till I cried. 😉
    – D

    Comment by Dave — July 14, 2005 @ 1:28 pm

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