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June 6, 2005

An Unwanted Chinese Export

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Chen Yonglin was rejected in his attempts to defect to Australia:

In an interview published Monday, Chen claimed his application for political asylum was rejected by Canberra within just 24 hours and without his meeting any senior government officials . . .

“I didn’t think it would happen like this,” Chen said in an interview published in Monday’s edition of The Sydney Morning Herald.

“Australia is a democratic country. I thought they would help me. My family is desperate. We are helpless. We need to be in a safe place” . . .

Canberra and Beijing’s trade relationship has blossomed in recent years as Australian miners pour billions of dollars worth of raw materials and fuel into the rapidly expanding Chinese economy . . .

“The concerns in the Australian community about the human rights of this individual are significant and valid; on the other hand, China I think will want this guy back and would tend to view a decision by the government to grant him political asylum or even refugee status … as a fairly adversarial thing to do.”

Life lesson: cheap t-shirts are the number one priority.


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