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July 9, 2003

Gibson’s Folly?

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The more controversial Gibson’s “Passion” becomes, the more I am anxious to see it.

[Said Gibson:] “. . . I really feel my career was leading me to make this. The Holy Ghost was working through me on this film, and I was just directing traffic. I hope the film has the power to evangelize.”

Even before the release of the movie, scheduled for March 2004, Gibson is getting his wish. “Everyone who worked on this movie was changed. There were agnostics and Muslims on set converting to Christianity.

I am interested to see the product of such religious motivation.

I’m also excited about the Therese movie coming out.


July 7, 2003

Another Buddy

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Buddy Ebsen died too. As with most actors that did a stint in 1950/60s Disney, I have a warm affection for Ebsen. Especially as the characters of George Russel and Calvin Bower.

That makes three deaths of note. Doesn’t that fit some old rule of things coming in threes?

July 2, 2003

You Don’t Say

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Check the headline, brought to my attention by Opinion Journal.

If your parents didn’t have children, chances are you won’t either.

Winding Sides

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My grandfather sent me an article on an issue almost forgotten (except when it can be used to slam the President.) Ralph Peters says of Iraq:

Our troops are doing remarkably well – but the headlines make it sound like a disaster. Last weekend, almost as many Americans died in a residential balcony collapse in Chicago as have been killed by hostile fire in “postwar” Iraq . . .

On our worst day last week, when two convoys came under attack, more than 600 other U.S. convoys didn’t hear a single shot. Two patrols got into firefights. The other 500 patrols didn’t even get hit with a water balloon. Are the Iraqis “turning against us”? Bull. Our best sources of intelligence continue to be Iraqis who are glad the regime is gone and don’t want it to come back in any way, shape or form . . .

We should be cheering for our troops, not insulting their performance.

July 1, 2003


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And to Buddy Hackett.

Tracy Lord

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A fond farewell to Katharine Hepburn.

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